The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Social Fund


By integrating the art of dance into the preschool, basic, and secondary school curriculum and into out-of-school activities, preschool children, basic school pupils, and secondary school students will get acquainted with dance as an art form; whereby two approaches will be developed:

Learning, experiencing and integrating the art of dance with emphasis on expressing experiences according to different stimuli: with this approach various elements of dance will be explored; child’s artistic abilities, movement imagination, non-verbal communication, sensibility, interest in dance art and in dancing will be developed. With the assistance of cooperation with a dance artist, the awareness of the importance of the artistic experience and of the use of dance language as a tool for promoting child’s comprehensive development will be developed in the teacher.

Learning through the art of dance – integration of dance into several curricular areas. In this approach, through dance language, mathematical rules, concepts and phenomena of natural sciences, social sciences and other forms of art will be explored. With this kind of integration embodied cognition will be developed and deeper learning promoted. Learning that is topical in the learner’s life will be made possible and students will be encouraged to innovate.

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