The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Social Fund

Fine art

In the framework of the project, we wish to identify the situation in the field of knowledge, planning, and implementation of an interdisciplinary learning process in providing / teaching visual arts in preschool institutions, basic, and secondary schools.

Our intention is to develop art-didactic strategies of teaching and learning with and through art, whereby a comprehensive understanding and acquisition of the contents of visual arts will be promoted. Meeting with various art and other creators and at visits to cultural institutions creative artistic thinking and artistic expression will be encouraged. We wish to offer preschool children, basic school pupils, and secondary school students artistic and expressive experiences at the level of artistic production, reproduction, and reception.

We will prepare theoretical starting points that will include a presentation of the possibilities of integrating artistic contents and concepts with other subject areas. Diverse strategies for introducing visual arts through various artistic-expressive media will be designed. In cooperation with artists from different art areas the use of different strategies in the independent artistic expression of children, basic school pupils, and secondary school students will be presented: a model of teaching with interdisciplinary integration of artistic and other contents, with emphasis on interactive team teaching (e.g. two teachers or a teachers and an artists / artists), and advanced training programmes for professional staff at preschool, basic school and secondary school levels.

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