The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Social Fund


Authentic learning environments: concert halls, musical studios, recording studios and other spaces where musicians work have extremely stimulating effect on the development of musical communicative competences of children and youth. In the framework of the project, children and young people from preschool to secondary school will be provided with new forms of meeting and cooperating with musicians who will lead them through the processes of artistic experience of music production, reproduction, and reception.

The learning of music will be carried out through authentic activities and will involve children / students, their teachers with musical creators and performers. Working in diverse learning environments and communication in the musical language will encourage creativity, interpretative abilities in children and young people, they will support the experience of musical works and develop their critical thinking and aesthetic experience.

The inclusion of cross-disciplinary, cross-curricular and inter-artistic links will allow the transfer of learning processes, contents, conceptual knowledge, mental skills, and emotions and attitudes. The musical achievements and responses of children and adolescents will reflect the development of their musical competence and the ability to experience music, communicate with music and at music, and at the same time show the influence and importance of musical activities on their overall development.

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