The project is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Social Fund

Performing art

The theatre is an art of relations. It includes the entire psychophysical apparatus of the participant in the process. The theatrical activity therefore enables modern pedagogical approaches to education: active involvement of the student as a subject and her or his overall (holistic) involvement in it. The theatre has proven to have a positive influence on the entire field of development of the individual and the group (pupil and class) and offers the teacher an increase in the reference space for educational work. In addition to the well-known effects of introducing theatre elements into the classroom, which are covered in the field of theatre pedagogy in the narrower sense, with our project, the theatre is being introduced into the classroom as an art that enriches the learner with its complex operation, brings new experiences and, based on these, new views and points of view. In his work the artist, the creator, constantly penetrates into the world of unknown looking for different, new, never unique answers and views. The procedures and results of the artist’s theatrical creation offer the learners what they need most, the experience and the courage to solve new puzzles and the challenges brought about by the future into which they are entering. In the SKUM project forms of cooperation with artists are being prepared various, such as theatre play, socializing with artists and theatrical creation.

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